Grace [Coffee] House

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I'm going to describe someone. Keep reading if it sounds like you. 

You likely aren't a Freshman. Most likely, you're in the Sophomore Slump, having survived a year but know you have three more long years ahead of you. Some despair has set in. Between studying, trying to land a co-op job or internship, and building your leadership skills, you're drowning. Your friends seem to have it all together but you can barely tie your shoes it seems. Your wheels are spinning. You wonder what your purpose is. You may even hate your major. You're possibly wondering where God is in all this. Some of your relationships are strained. Group project is a trigger phrase. You don't need counseling but man, it sure would be nice for someone to walk alongside you and help you sort out some of this stuff.  

We can help. 

Vocational discernment coaching is a type of coaching where we help you understand what your purpose is, find satisfaction again, and, if you are wondering, help you understand why God put you on this big planet at this hard school. Coaching is definitely not counseling and should never replace any counseling appointments. Rather than having all the answers, we ask a lot of questions to help you find the answers that are already within you. Think this sounds like it's worth a shot? Click the button for more information about the coaching program.