Grace [Coffee] House

Mailing Address: PO Box 55590 | Atlanta, GA 30308

Physical Address: 182 5th Street NW | Atlanta, GA 30313 


A Note from Pastor Andrew

For us at Grace House this year, and for me personally, it was a year of big grand events. My family welcomed the birth of our daughter Nari, we received the call to Grace House, and packed up and moved from Portland Oregon to Atlanta. At Grace House we saw a rise in numbers of our coffee house from 200ish per week to 350 per week by the end of the semester. Additionally, we saw more and more students linger at Grace House, often studying, meeting friends, or simply reading a book. We sought our new partnerships with the LGBTQIA Resource Center as well as other groups on and off of campus. We reimagined our worship at Grace House, and have taken on the task of hospitality to an incredibly diverse campus, all in the name of Jesus Christ.


However, for me personally, I experienced God more in the still small moments and small conversations around Grace House. I saw God when I talked with a student who was graduating soon and trying to find a way to make his degree make a difference in the world, I saw God in the student choosing to go to Easter with their girlfriend's family for the first time. I heard God when I heard the story of a student as they wrestled after the loss of their mother, I saw God in the actions of the student who is working for better mental health resources for his fraternity and others in the Greek system, I heard God in the conversation I had with a Hindu student who was wondering why Grace House would do advocacy work on behalf of the homeless. 


This ministry at Grace House seems to be a dance between being a public space on campus of welcome, hospitality and love for all of God’s children regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, creed, and gender and a place of personal connections and individual conversations of faith, life, doubt, relationships and how we can use our gifts to make the world more reflect the Kingdom of God.


I feel terrible saying it but I am glad that summer is here and campus is a little more quiet so we can begin the work over the summer of prepping and planning for next year so that we can continue to let the light of God’s love shine on this campus. We thank you for your prayers and support over the years and as I continue to acclimate myself to this community I look forward to hearing each of your stories and your connection to campus ministry.