Grace [Coffee] House

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Physical Address: 182 5th Street NW | Atlanta, GA 30313 


Your First Coaching Session

Right out of the gate, something's a little different here. We charge for this service. Not because we are greedy...but because we want you to have skin in the game and to take ownership of your progress. But don't worry, at $5 for students ($10 for Faculty and Staff), it's not going to break the bank. All fees go directly back to supporting Grace House so it's essentially a donation. 

Your sessions will be 45 minutes. The first session is free and involves a little bit of time filling out some paperwork. It also covers the coaching process and understanding expectations. Don't worry, this will still leave about 30 solid minutes of coaching time so you can try it out. If we find that you are a good fit for the program, we will tell you. If we find that you aren't ready for coaching yet, we will tell you. If we find that you might need counseling instead of coaching or in addition to coaching, we will tell you. 

Ultimately, we want this to be a good fit for you. We want to see you thrive. 

If you have further questions about the vocational discernment coaching program, feel free to contact Kat Folk either by email or phone/text (678-358-9638). To start the enrollment, text "Bridge" to 678-661-3320.