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What if I Told You Jesus Never Said That?

Class Syllabus

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Description: We are Karen. We are upset. And we want to speak to the manager. This course is a ground zero course for those interested in doing something about systemic racism but have no earthly idea where to start. The Racial Healing curriculum will start with the SuperKarens book club and grow into more challenging and thought-provoking courses. There will be field trips in future courses. There will be speakers on how to do advocacy. There will be hands-on labs. Because the curriculum is brand-new, the syllabi will continue to change until we perfect the product and are satisfied the curriculum is doing its job. 

Meeting Time: Wednesday Nights at 9:00 PM - Zoom. You must register for the class in order to receive the Zoom link. 

Links from Creighton University:

1. The Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture

2. Inclusion Starts with "I" (YouTube)

3. Speak Up for Inclusion

4. What Is Inclusive Leadership?

5. Are You Racist? "No" Isn't a Good Enough Answer

6. The Danger of Silence

7. Trevor Noah - Seeing Connections

8. Black People are Crying Out for Their Breath. When Will They be Heard?

9. Pope Francis on the Death of George Floyd: We Cannot Tolerate Racism and Claim to Defend Life

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