Is Grace House for Me?

Only you can determine if Grace House is a place for you. But I will describe the typical person at Grace House. If you identify with any of these characteristics and want to know more, head on over to the Join tab. You don't really have to join anything...we just want to get your contact information in so you can get a little more plugged in.  "Join" was merely a convenient word for the menu. :0)
Who is Grace House? "Grace" is a student. Grace is a dropout. They are graduates affiliated with a church. They are lonely and looking for a place to belong. Grace is old. Grace is young. Grace is looking for something different. Something authentic. Something spiritual. Something meaningful.
Grace is tired. Tired of constantly being "on" and looking like they have it all together. Grace is frustrated with what they see around them, and wants to see the world change from its current state. Yet, they are so burned out, sad, fed up, beat up, irritated, and tired that they desperately need a place of refuge. Grace needs a place to come in and just be. Or cry. Or even just color without any pressure to change, compete, work, like, choose, or please. Grace needs a place to be fed literally and spiritually so they can go back out into the world with renewed hope to keep fighting one more day. 

Grace might be fed up with the church. They may have left the masjid. They may have no idea what these two words even mean because they didn't grow up with any religious tradition. Grace feels like loving one's neighbor is important but doesn't see anyone doing this in real-time. Grace also feels like social justice isn't a want but a need. A desperate need. Grace thinks Jesus is pretty cool but doesn't really see anyone living like or modeling the ways of Jesus, especially those who call themselves "Christians". 

Finally, Grace doesn't have all the answers when it comes to faith and doesn't pretend to. Sometimes, they aren't even sure they HAVE faith, much less hope. But they want to seek out answers, maybe struggle with them for a bit, but do so in a safe, nurturing environment. Or maybe, Grace just wants to hear an alternative narrative than what they grew up with and decide for themself what to believe. But Grace sure could use a sounding board on that journey.

If Grace kinda sounds like you, maybe you should look into Grace House.