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An Update From Kat

Advent, Hope, and Jesus

The Kingdom of God is near! John was right!

As I reflect on this past semester, the word "hope" just screams out at me. Advent is all about waiting and anticipation and hope. And that is what we are about here at Grace House. Some of our students are anticipating a life after "Ma Tech" (or even just a life after finals week, who are we kidding??) with an upcoming graduation. Discussion boards and Reddit is littered with news about landing a job interview here or an internship there. Hope and possibilities are certainly in the air. 

But hope doesn't come easy for everyone. Sometimes, students don't get that interview or that job. Sometimes, they don't make grades. Sometimes, they struggle with relationships. Sometimes, they fall through the cracks. And sometimes, they don't have a reason to keep going. That, my friends, is where Grace House comes in. We provide hope for those who are running a little low. We fill up the souls that are a little weary and a little weathered. We cheer those on just to make it a few more days til finals are over. 

Finals Week may be the lightest weeks of the year in terms of activity, but they are the most important weeks of the year in terms of presence. Those weeks are the weeks to really show up and love students, faculty, and staff like Jesus does. It's a time where we can cheer students on, encourage them to keep going, and carry them across the finish line. So while this looks like coffee and late night study hours, pizza, and midnight madness on the surface, it is so much more than that. 

Thank you for helping us cheer our community on.