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About the Event

If you don't have plans for the Sunday after Thanksgiving, pile on your leftovers or make a "Gobbler Sandwich" and join us at 6PM!  This event is for all the members of our Grace House village that is not only part of our fundraising campaign, but also a way for us to say THANK YOU for all you have done to support us, whether it be with your time, your wallet, or your prayers. 


Because we aren't in the clear with Covid yet, we are going to go virtual with our fundraising for one more year instead of being in person. However, this year promises to be fun, interesting, and interactive! You will see how Grace House positively impacts our student community through interviews with our students. Our staff will provide exciting updates for you regarding the ministry. In addition, they will have a few video clips from the semester and games for you to enjoy as you graze. Finally, we will have some cameos by none other than Bishops Strickland and Wright, who just may have something up their sleeve for the event....

In addition to the virtual dinner event, we will also offer three additional support opportunities for our little village. The buttons below will be active as we draw nearer to the event. 

Thank you again for your interest in Thanksgiving Leftovers and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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