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Take a Class at Grace House!

Choose from three different tracks. See below for a description of each track. 


This track is for those new to Grace House with a minimal level of engagement needed. This is great if you just want to sniff around and see what things are all about while remaining somewhat anonymous. In addition to some introductory classes, social events will be included in this track.

Hogwarts Express.png

This track is for those who want to be challenged to grow in both their faith and theology. We dig deeper into who we are called to be as part of our Baptismal Covenant, and what that looks like in the form of anti-racism, social justice, and hospitality. In addition to courses, retreats, discernment, and worship are a part of this track. 

Track 29.png

This track is for those who are interested in exploring their faith a bit more and engaging a bit more with Grace House. You can become a member of the registered student organization here and become more involved in our advocacy, hospitality, and anti-racism efforts. In addition to courses, some outreach events are part of this track. 

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