Grace [Coffee] House

Mailing Address: PO Box 55590 | Atlanta, GA 30308

Physical Address: 182 5th Street NW | Atlanta, GA 30313 



Student Spotlight

We asked our students the past few weeks to help us write thank-you notes to our donors. Some of the letters they wrote were particularly touching and wanted to share a few snippets with you. It's one thing for Grace House staff to tell you what we are doing for our students, but it's a little different to hear it straight from the students. 


My name is Jeniveve and I am studying Computer Engineering. I would love to thank you for supporting Grace House. I love coming here each week because its a nice way to destress and see new friendly faces. Also, I love how Grace house supports my peers who are food insecure through providing meals. 


My name is Ranal. Thanks for supporting Grace House!  The only place I can get coffee where they say my name right every time!


My name is Billie and I'm studying Mechanical Engineering. Thank you for supporting Grace House because I love getting to come here every week with my sister. We're both really busy so Thursdays at 1 at Grace House is the place we get to be together every week. 


My name is Maggie and I am a Masters' student in Environmental Engineering. I love going to Grace House because my boyfriend is having financial troubles and is skipping meals. Thank you for giving us a place to go where I know he will be able to eat at least once. 

Thank you.